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Ninja Dual Deluxe Remote Line with Slide Check

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Imagine yourself running your entire set up via remote, your primary gun with a remote line and your secondary also on a remote! The only thing you will have to worry about is how much paint you have left with this set up. The Ninja Dual Deluxe Remote line is a one to two system as with one source of air feeding to two ports both equipped with remote slide fitting for easy removal from the gun without having to turn off the main air source off! Pick this up and get going either with one primary and one secondary or start the dual wielding craze!


  • Dual remote line system that is fed from one source of air
  • Remote line length at 56" gives you plenty of length for any gun
  • Slide check equipped so you can easily removal a remote line from a gun
  • Dual wield on the field and increase your awesome rate x 1000
  • Co2 and HPA compatible
  • 3000psi rated hose line for safety

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