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NcStar AR15/M16 Q/R Weaver Style Mount

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          AR-15/M16 Quick Release Weaver Style Cantilever Mount
with Detachable Rear Ring

Introducing the most Versatile Mount to the NcSTAR Line-up.  This Single Accessory will allow you to mount virtually any rifle scope of red dot sight to your rifle in a number of different configurations.  The Famous NcSTAR QR Lever System makes mounting the MARCQ to your flat top Lightning Fast.  The Rings are 30mm with 1 inch inserts, and the Rear Ring rides on a dovetail so you can adjust the spacing for customized fit.  The Rear Ring is also removable so you can set up your Red Dot Sight to Co-witness with your Iron Sights.  Made of Hard Anodized Aluminum and Solid Steel, once you’re locked in this mount isn’t going anywhere!

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