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NXe Elevation Pro Pod Pack 3+2+2 - Black

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The legendary NXe brand is back, in years past the NXe pod pack was used by almost all pro teams even if they weren't sponsored just for the fact that they were the best! The Elevation pro pod pack is molded for better back support so you don't feel like you're going to injure yourself when you put this on and feel like it's part of you for better mobility! The improved pull tabs allow for faster pull action without having to find the specific tab that other packs suffer from, this allows you to get faster access to your pods you need. The Non Slip elastic ejectors keeps a constant pressure on the pod so it'll eject that pod into your hands reliably every time you pull that tab, this allows for faster reloading times and helps keep you in the game longer. Smooth pod sleeves helps launch and prevent the pods from getting stuck in place, you won't have to worry about pods not able to come loose which could result you in not having paint when you need it most. Pick up the name that most players know from the woods to the speedball field, NXe is BACK!


  • NXe Elevation pod pack are used by the top players/teams around the world because they are simply just the best
  • Molded back gives players better support and molds into your body so it feels like it's part of you to prevent hindering on mobility
  • Pull tabs allows for fast and easier access when you need those pads to help increase reload times
  • Smooth pod sleeves allows the pod to move easily so you won't worry about it getting stuck in the sleeves
  • Non slip elastic helps push the pods out of the pack for faster access to the pods
  • Hidden valuables pouch keeps the items close to you if you don't want to leave it in your bag
  • One size fits all as it'll keep the guess work out for a worry free purchase
  • Holds a total of 7 pods!

**Note: Pods Not Included

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