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MacDev Drone DX - Brown

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The MacDev Drone DX is the ideal marker for the beginner player or an upgrade from a current setup, for a marker that is solid on durability and performs at a high level. The Drone DX is a spool valve marker, which traditionally is softer on paintballs and has less recoil allowing players to shoot the most brittle grades of paintballs while keeping accuracy. While Spool Valve markers are known to have great features they have always been plagued with low air efficiency, but the Drone DX remedies that and allows users to get up to 1400 shots per 68/4500 tank fill! The Drone DX uses only a handful of o-rings on the bolt, meaning less wear and less maintenance on the marker. While operating at roughly 100psi this means less pressure is put on to each paintball, allowing for a gentle push on the ball, letting you use the most brittle of paintballs . Using a tool-less lever lock feedneck, you can attach and detach the hopper easier and change the tightness without even using any tools. The electronics of the marker uses break beams eyes in the breech (the area where the paintball sits and waits to be shot), that ensures that every time you fire your gun there's a paintball perfectly sitting in place waiting to go. The board has several modes to be selected from; Semi-Automatic, Burst, Full Automatic, PSP & Millenium. The Drone DX has a rate of fire up to 30bps, which means more paintballs in the air and more targets being tagged out faster. Pick up the Drone DX and get a great marker to have with you, that will keep up with the best and surpases anything at the current price range.



  • Spool Valve marker is softer on paintballs and has less recoil, which means more accurate shots while being able to shoot any grade of paintballs available
  • 1400 shots out of a 68/4500 tanks means more time shooting at players and less time hanging out at the fill station
  • Break Beam Eyes ensures that a paintball is seated at the right position to be fired, so less time cleaning your gun and more time shooting
  • 30BPS (Balls per Second) rate of fire allows players to make paintballs rain on their targets 
  • On/Off ASA with Bleed makes removing and attaching your tank easier and safer then standard ASAs
  • Electronic Board house with customizable settings, that allows you to change the way the marker shoots exactly the way you want it to
  • Several Different Firing Modes; Semi-Automatic, Burst, Full Automatic, PSP & Millenium
  • Included 2 Piece Barrel system honed for excellent accuracy
  • Tool Less Lever Lock Feedneck makes attaching and removing loader easier and faster
  • Dual Trigger allows for higher rates of fire meaning more shooting, less pulling


  • Length: 208.5mm / 8.21in (Without barrel)
  • Width: 37mm / 1.46in
  • Height: 205mm / 8in
  • Weight: 978g / 2.16lbs (With Barrel & 9V Battery)
  • Operating Pressure: 100psi
  • Barrel Threads: Autococker
  • Electronics Powered: 9V Battery
  • Break Beam Eyes: Yes (Laser Eyes Included)
  • Air Efficiency: 1400 per 68/4500 (Estimated)
  • Air Propellant: HPA / Nitrogen Only
  • Fire Modes: Semi Automatic, Burst, Full Automatic, PSP & Millenium
  • Display: Multicoloured LED
  • Rate of Fire: 30bps (Balls Per Second)
  • Lubricant: Dow 33 Paintball Grease


  • Drone DX Paintball Gun
  • 2 Piece 14" Tournament Honed Barrel
  • Instruction Manual
  • High Quality Padded Case
  • Barrel Blocking Device
  • Allen Keys
  • Spare Parts
  • Lubricant 
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