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MacDev Drone 2 - Black

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 The Drone 2 is widely recognized as the best-in-class mid range paintball gun. In fact, many features standard on the Drone 2 are missing in guns three times the price, such as a completely hoseless design, internal high pressure regulator in the grip frame, and comfortable rubber ergonomics on the barrel and foregrip. Not only is the Drone 2 extremely lightweight, thanks to a CNC machined Delrin drive system, but it is extremely reliable and robust as well, capable of enduring abuse in the harshest environments and conditions with little to no maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Low Pressure, 100psi Operation


  • Hoseless

  • Two-Piece Shift2-lite Barrel

  • Rubber Barrel Grip

  • Rubber Regulator Grip

  • Wireless Body and Frame

  • 2-point Adjustable Trigger

  • Balanced CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum Body and Frame

  • Reliable and Simple CNC Machined Delrin Drive

  • Aluminum Bolt and Valve

  • Unstripable Clamping Feedneck

  • Fully Adjustable Trigger Programming

  • Future Upgradeable – Drop-in OLED Board, Upgradeable Barrel Back, Drop-In Trigger, Upgradeable Drive, Tactical Body Sleeve.

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