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MacDev Clone GTi - Jungle Camo

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The MacDev Clone GTi is MacDev's newest marker to come out with a dramatic redesign from previous Clone version. The Clone still is a spool valve marker, this is extremely popular for players looking for high rates of fire with low recoil that allows for more accurate shooting with a quieter sound signature. The MacDev Clone GTi largest change is the removal of external hose lines for new internal hose line design, this increases player mobility because of the no issues of hose lines getting caught in the brush and the removes the hassle of the constant leak problems of macroline and fitting for more reliability.

The other large feature of the MacDev Clone GTi is the easy pull up drive cover that easily allows for easy maintenance on or off the field making this gun easy to fix and get access to the internals without any tools, the pneumatic lock when the marker is aired up ensures that the drive assembly will not and can not be removed insuring safety to the player. The new venturi cap design from MacDev makes the bolt tip directs air in the breech towards the edges of the paintball, by having the air pressure getting directed to the edges of the paintball instead of the face like other markers do this will allow the gun to shoot all brittle grades of paintballs because the edges of the paintball is the strongest.

With all these new features, the marker is still able to shoot 1700+ rounds on a full fill from a 68/4500 carbon fibre thank which allows you to get many shots per tank so you can play the heavy gunner on the field with the only worry that you didn't bring enough paintballs to the field instead of how much air you have left. The MacDev Clone GTi also weights in at 920g making it a very light gun to have with you on the field, you won't have to worry about it being heavy and weighing you down. The included Shift Barrel with one insert is an advance barrel system that allows sizing of paintballs to insure maximum accuracy, the barrel is a 3 piece design with tolerance built so tight that you'd swear that this is a one piece barrel.

The electronics of the marker features an easy to read OLED board, this makes programming the gun fast and user friendly if you need to change modes on the fly. The electronic board is also able to be updated via computer USB (PC Only), this allows access to any new firmware updates by MacDev to help keep the marker working efficiently to date. The Break Beam Eyes on the marker prevent any chance of chopping as the gun will only fire when it knows that a paintball is fully loaded correctly to prevent any paintball chops that other beginner markers suffer from. The roller bearing trigger is smooth and easy to pull, this allows for high rates of fire to be achieved and also customizable for the perfect activation point and also spring tension adjustments to change trigger strength pull. The GTi ASA with bleed makes the tank attachment and removal a breeze and safe, you won't have to worry about needing to wrench the tank off your gun after you are done for the day! Pick this Clone GTi up now to get one of the most advance guns on the market with a gas through grip frame, easy to remove internals and a new design bolt that will change the way bolts will be designed from now on.

The new MacDev GTi includes all the sam features of the Clone GT but now adds in amazing reliability and perormance. The Electronic board is now a full coloured OLED screen that is easy to read in the bright sun light also now gives out a digital read out on operating pressure! The new wrap around grips offer players a great and comfortable way to hold your gun that also helps it stick to your hands for added grip! The new revised GTi valve gives you a slight increase of air efficiency and shot consistency for more accurate shooting while you getting some more shots per tank fill! 


  • MacDev's new Clone GTi for the 2013 season
  • Gas through grip frame making the marker more reliable, easier to maintain and gives the marker a sleek appearance
  • Easy to remove bolt internals makes maintenance tool less and can be quickly done, pneumatic lock insures the bolt will and not be removed with air in the marker
  • Spool Valve marker base design allows for low recoil that allows for high accurate shooting
  • Venturi Cap bolt tip redirects air to the edges of the paintball where it is the strongest, this allows for any grade of paintball can be fired out of this gun without the worry about it breaking paintballs
  • New designed GTi inline regulator with high consistent flow helps increase accuracy by having consistent velocity
  • Clamping feedneck makes the marker hold on the loader tightly making it seem like it is built with a loader on top, lever lock allows for easy removal or attachment without any tools
  • Roller bearing trigger with activation and spring tension adjustments allow you to customize the feel of the trigger pull and the smoothness of roller bearings allows for high rates of fire to be achieved
  • OLED Screen on the electronic board makes the board user friendly and easy to customize to shoot exactly the way you want it to
  • Break Beam Eye system makes sure that a paintball is ready to be fired out of the gun, this prevents messy paintball chops that can decrease accuracy
  • Shift Barrel Kit (Includes one .691 insert) is a 3 piece barrel system with a smooth bore finish giving high accuracy because of the low drag when the paintball travels through the gun
  • New Inline regulator design to accommodates the gas through design while still achieving high and consistent flow to prevent inaccurate velocity that can effect accuracy
  • 1700+ Shots per 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Tank fill eliminates the worry about running out of air before you run out of paintballs on the field
  • Wrap around stick grips makes the paintball gun feel comfortable in the hands and high friction to prevent the gun from slipping out of your hands
  • 920 grams is the marker weight making it one of the lightest guns on the market to help increase your mobility on the field
  • Spool Valve marker base design decreases marker recoil for increase accuracy and reduces the sound signature to help you stay silent on the field while shooting
  • High Quality Anodize finish for lasting colour without worry about fading in the sunlight
  • Camo edition giving your gun that more unique appeal on the field

GTi features:

  • New full cloured OLED screen board makes it easy to read during the bright sunlight so no more squinting is needed!
  • Digital output pressure display lets you accurately see the operating presure is at instead of guessing when reading a dial
  • GTi Valve increases air efficiency and consistency for more accurate shooting and more shots per tank fill
  • New wrap around grips are more comfortable to grip and sticks to your hand for added grip!


  • Bolt Design: Spool Valve base design
  • Operating Pressure: 110 psi (Estimated)
  • Air Efficiency: 1700+ Shots (Estimated from 68/4500 tank fill)
  • Break Beam Eyes: Yes (included)
  • Electronics: Full Coloured OLED Screen Board
  • Programmable settings: Yes
  • Battery: 9V Battery
  • Software: Militiasoft 2.0
  • Air Propellant: HPA or Nitrogen Only
  • Barrel Threading: Autococker
  • Barrel: 14" Macdev Shift Barrel (1 insert included)
  • Trigger: Dual Roller Bearing 
  • Feedneck: Clamping Feedneck with Lever Lock
  • Finish: Anodize Aluminum 
  • ASA: On/Off Knob with Bleed
  • Weight: 920grams


  • MacDev Clone GTi
  • Instruction Manual
  • MacDev Shift Barrel Kit (.691 barrel insert included)
  • Padded Zipper Case
  • Militia Grease 
  • Allen Key Set
  • Barrel Blocking Device

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