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MS2 Multi-Mission Sling - Black

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The Magpul Dynamics MS2 sling is a unique sling that can be used either as a 1 point or 2 point sling for custom use and also single hand adjustment. Slings are designed to help keep your marker close to you but easier on your arms as you don't want to hold it up all day which will cause major fatigue, using a sling will transfer most of the weight to your body when out for patrol or waiting around. The single hand adjustment loop allows for fast and easy adjustments in length as you can have it close to you when not holstered or adjusted longer when you are about to holster you gun with just a quick pull. The Magpul MS2 sling features two quick attachment points that can also be used together to form a single point sling, this makes this sling versatile and be used in any point you choose! Pick up this quality sling for your gun and help eleviate that weight off your arms so you can shoot all day without any problems.


  • Magpul Dynamics MS2 sling allows for 1 point or 2 point configurations with it's quick attachment points
  • 1 point will hang the gun around your body but allows for quick and easy access 
  • 2 point will have your gun in a stable platform if you are in an always ready position
  • Single hand adjustment loop allows for fast adjustments to be done on the fly without worrying about which buckle needs to be loosened
  • Strong durable nylon can take the weight off any sort of gun without worrying about it fraying or snapping

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