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Kendakye Universal Molle Holster - 6 Day Desert

Model #: KCMHA-013  
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Kendakye comes out with their new "Coffin" style holster that accommodates both left or right handed users in one single product. Utilizing the molle system design you can attach the holster wherever you would like on your molle vest and also with your belt. The molle straps are extra long with additional velcro straps to securely hold the holster in place. Comes in a complete array of different camouflage patterns to help complete or a place to start your collection of camouflage clothing.


  • Holster that accommodates both right and left handed users using their new "Coffin" design
  • Attaches securely with it's extra long straps with velcro straps to hold tightly to the vest
  • Comes in various of camouflage patterns
  • Machine Washable
  • Nylon Straps
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Buckel
  • Fits Tiberius Pistols & Tippmann TPX Pistols

**Note: Tippmann TPX Is not included

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