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JT Splatmaster Sniper Z300

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The JT SplatMaster z300 Sniper takes the JT SplatMaster fun to a whole new level. Are you an expert marksman? The z300 increases distance to 120+ feet, which is sure to up your game. The z300 Sniper comes equipped with an adjustable stock to give the best comfort to increase your performance. Lead the way with the z300 Sniper – Splat marks the Spot!


  • Lever cocking action
  • Spring action firing
  • Adjustable/removable stock
  • Shoots JT SplatMaster ammo
  • Large 15 round capacity
  • Shoots 120+ feet
  • Marksman accurate up to 60 feet
  • 140FPS
  •  Includes 15 rounds of JT SplatMaster ammo

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