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JT SplatMaster Z100 Pistol Holster

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The z100 Pistol Holster comes loaded with features to keep you in the game. Two magazine straps hold down extra z100 Pistol Clips for quick reloads while on the playing field. The durable, padded holster comes with a secure Velcro strap lock that holds your z100 Pistol firmly in place. And finally, the holster can quickly attach to a belt, or you have the option of attaching to a Molle style vest. So strap on your holster, load your z100 Pistol, and Get in the Game!


  • Exclusive holster for your JT SplatMaster z100 Pistol
  • Sturdy, padded holster built to last
  • Secure velcro strap holds z100 Pistol in place
  • Magazine straps holds 2 extra z100 pistol Clips
  • Easily attaches to a belt or on a Molle Vest

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