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JT SplatMaster Nuke Bunker

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The JT SplatMaster Nuke Bunker provides you all the versatility you need to Get in the Game! The Nuke can act as an obstacle to run around, cover from fire when playing against your friends, or as a target using the reusable bullseye. Standing at almost 3 feet tall, the Nuke Bunker provides ample coverage, while the base fills with water for stability. Throw a few Nuke Bunkers in the yard, and you have a game field ready for play. 


  • Inflatable Bunker
  • Water stabilization chamber ensures bunker stays upright
  • Barrel sized game obstacle
  • Include reusable target, attaches with Velcro
  • Hide behind when playing opponents
  • 30" tall x 25" wide
  • Cleans with water - use again and again

**Note: Not to be used for regular .68 caliber paintball play

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