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JT Pro Flex Thermal Goggles - Black

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The JT Proflex mask system is one of the most widely popular masks in the paintball world to date. The mask were first made in 2003 as the Flex 7 but now turned into the Pro Flex as the JT's standard and most used mask to date. The JT Proflex uses soft and comfortable rubber on their detachable face guard to the lense frame while the frame uses a harder but still flexible lense frame to make changing lenses easier and faster. Utilizing the JT Spectra Lense, you will be able to get full range of vision at 260 degrees while keeping the fog out. Comfort, style and high performance mask will help keep this mask as popular today after several years of use!


  • Great wide range of vision and anti fog protection
  • Soft flexible detachable face mask
  • Durable lense frame that is soft enough to make lense changing easy and quick
  • Included visor 
  • Often been used as an Airsoft goggle

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