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JT Impulse Paintball Gun - Blue/Silver

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Smart Parts originally designed the Impulse before they were bought out from JT/Empire Paintball. JT/Empire Paintball has now released it with modifications from the original Impulse that now makes this a competitive gun that players can use to win tournaments. The JT Impulse is a poppet style gun that gives you a flat straight shot from the bolt system, which is desired by most players for accurate shooting! Using an air-balanced valve internally in the gun gives the gun it's low recoil action, this means that when you take a shot you will not have to constantly re-adjust the gun from the kick! The OLED screen board on the gun lets you see what is happening in the gun from the status on the eye sensor, rate or fire you have achieved, firing mode or battery life status, this helps you determine diagnose what is going on with your gun! Pick up this gun and dominate the competition with this new 2013 JT paintball gun!


  • New JT 2013 Paintball Gun 
  • Poppet Bolt Gun for reliable performance 
  • Straight flat trajectory shooting gives accurate shooting
  • LPR Balanced Air Valve for low recoil and great high efficiency 
  • Break Beam eye system prevents a majority of paintball breaks for consistent performance
  • On/Off ASA with Bleed system makes tank removal safe and fast
  • Dual rolling bearing trigger allows for smooth trigger pulls that lets you achieve high rates of fire
  • Adjustable Firing modes and rate of fire 
  • OLED Screen board helps you determine problems in the gun if they arise
  • Two Piece 14" Tournament honed barrel allows for excellent accuracy


  • JT Impulse Paintball Marker
  • 14" Autococker Threaded 2 Piece Tournament Barrel
  • Allen Key Set
  • O-ring Kit
  • Barrel Sock
  • Padded Zipper Kit

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