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JT Flex 8 Goggles

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The JT Flex 8 Goggles is an update from the JT Pro Shield by using all the same materials but now in a streamline appearance that also helps players in both communications and bounce effect. Using vertical ventilation grid this will help you breathe in the mask without feeling your sucking air through a straw and also allows your voice to be carried farther instead of being muffled. Using a more compact frame that is angled this will help prevent hard edges that will help bounce off paintball impacts. The famous 260 degree spectra frame gives you a better few of the field and thermal lense technology to prevent fog issues. Pick up one of the best masks you'll ever use and feel comfortable that it'll last as long as you do.


  • 260 Degree Wide View
  • Thermal Lense
  • Anti Fog Coating
  • Stream Line Face Guard for Added Bounce Effect
  • Updated Ventilation for better breatheability and audible
  • Includes Visor

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