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JT Elite Radar Thermal Goggles - Smoke Lense

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The JT ELite Radar Thermal Goggles is the perfect beginner mask as it is an affordable piece of equipment while offering the best protection to your face and eyes. Ther Thermal Lense bring the best way to prevent fogging issue in the hot or cold weather conditions with it's dual pant technology. Hard surface of the mask will prevent injury to the facial area but ventilated to keep your head cool. Purchasing this mask offers a better quality protection while providing a better alternative then using the often dirty, scratched and broken rental masks at fields.


  • Affordable masks for all Beginners at any age or level of player
  • Dual Pane Thermal Lense provides clear visibility and prevents fogging in cold or hot weather
  • Hard surface of the mask gives maximum protection to the facial area and ventilated to keep you cool

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