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Generic Tippmann X7 M4 Aluminum Stock

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Tippmann X7 M4 stocks will help give players added accuracy, better stability and feel more comfortable shooting the gun. When using a stock with your Tippmann A5 you will get a more stable firing platform that will reduce your gun from wavering and help direct the recoil to your shoulder that will give you an increase in accuracy from every shot you take. When holstering your gun you make the marker feel better positioned in your hands and adjustable length to accommodate different arm lengths! Installs in seconds and helps make your marker look more true to a milsim rifle. Pick this up and get a better feel and increased accuracy on your Tippmann X7! 


  • Increase your accuracy by making your marker a more stable firing platform
  • Adjustable length to help accommodate your arm lengths 
  • Make your marker look more closer to a real rifle
  • Installs in seconds without any tools
  • Aluminum Core Adaptor Tube gives the stock it's strength

**Note: Adjustments will have to be made depending each different marker for alignment

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