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GXG Lightweight Tactical Vest

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The GXG Lightweight Tactical Vest is the idea vest system if you want to be as light as possible while having enough paintballs or anything else you want to bring along with you. Nylon mesh material with sewn in pouches and pod pouches will help give a light weight appeal without trapping the heat. Carries up to 4 pods and 1 tank. Tank size can be up to 88cui!


  • Light weight vest to helps keep you light and agile on the field
  • Nylon web material with all attachments sewn on to give a good solid construction and help prevent heat build up
  • Holds up to 4 pods and 1 Paintball air Tank
  • Gives ability to use a remote line to take the weight off your marker

 **Note: Pods & Tank not included


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