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GXG Deluxe Tactical Gun Case - Woodland Camo

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The GXG Deluxe Tactical Gun Case is the perfect case if you want to protect your investment from getting bumped and nicked during transport. The Gun case holds markers up to 72" in length that is perfect for those sniper ethusiasts our there and feature 3 molle pouches on the side to hold all your small parts you want to keep close. The Tactical GXG Gun case is made out of strong denier materials that withstand all aspects of abuse on the go while preventing embarassing rips. The GXG gun case on the back features two backpack style straps so you don't have to carry it everywhere giving your arms a break! Pick up the GXG Tactical Gun Case to protect and transport your marker safely from home to the field!


  • 72 cm Long Tactical Gun Case safely protects your paintball gun during transport or an attractive case to store your gun when not in use!
  • 3 Molle Tactical Pouches featured on the side of the case allows you to hold all the small parts you need with that gun
  • Denier Material gives the bag it's strength and durability to prevent rips or tears!
  • Back pack style straps gives your arms a break if you are carrying a heavy gun
  • Don't drop this gun case in the woods as the woodland camouflage actually works and you don't want to loose it in the woods!

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