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GXG 4+1 Horizontal Pack - Black

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The GXG Horizontal 4+1 Paintball Pod Pack allows players to bring more paint with them, an extra tank or allows players to use a remote line with their gun. The center tank pouch allows players to bring an extra tank either Co2 or HPA sized up to 24oz or 68cui 4500psi. Horizontal 4 Pod Pouches on the side allows players to easily grab their pods that allows pods up to 140rd in size. Adjustable one size fits all belt buckel easily fits on all players with suspender loops that allows players to attach them easily if they have one available.


  • Carry 4 extra pods of paintballs
  • Center Tank pouch allows you to bring an extra tank or remote line use
  • One Size fits all belt buckel 

**Note: Tank and Pods not included 

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