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GXG 3+4 Deluxe Pod Pack - Camo

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G-17 Woodland
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New to paintball and want an affordable paintball pod pack? Pick up the GXG 3+4 Deluxe Pod Pack and hold up to 7 pods of paintballs with you at all time on the field just in case you get yourself into that heavy firefight scenario! This pack holds on to your body with elastic velcro straps with an additional tightening strap allowing for you to get a comfortable but secure fit. Pick this pack and stop leaving the game early if you ran out of paintballs!


  • Carry more paintballs with you on the field so you can stay in the game longer!
  • Carry 7 additional pods with you on the field with 3 pod sleeves and 4 elastic loops (Holds only 140rd Pods)
  • Elastic ejection sleeves to help push the pod out of the pod pack and into your hands
  • Elastic velcro straps with elastic tightening holds the pod pack tight to your body while being comfortable
  • One size fits all design!

*Note: Pods are not included

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GXG 3+4 Deluxe Pod Pack - Camo Reviews

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