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GXG 10 Shot Pump Harness

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The GXG 10 shot Pump harness are for the stock players that want to carry a lot of 10rd tubes on their back without worrying about them falling out during a long and hard run to their next bunker. This harness easily holds up to 16 tubes along the side and additional couple on the bottom or switch it with 12grams co2 cartridges! Stretch elastic belts for a once size fit and securely stay in place with a friction pad! Don't get caught without those extra 10rd tubes or 12gram co2 cartridges and grab this pack today!


  • Hold up to 16 10rd tubes on your lower back so you can have those extra rounds for the longer or more intense firefight games
  • Elastic stretch waist belt for a one size fit
  • Friction pad on the inside harness to help keep the pack in place when you do those hard and long runs to your next bunker
  • Elastic loops hold the 10rds in place 

**Note: 10rd tubes are not included as in picture

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12 Gram CO2
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