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GOG Paintball Freak Jr. Barrel Kit

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The GOG Paintball Freak Jr. barrel kit is great for anyone that wants to get the best accuracy possible without having to buy several different barrels for one marker. The Freak Jr. Kit from GOG paintball allows players to bore size their paint to make sure that air isn't getting passed the paintball by different internal bore sizes. The Kit comes with 3 different aluminum inserts that sit inside the barrel back, this allows for users to size up the paint for each bore insert and get great accuracy when being used! Best upgrade to pick up for your marker and will help you eliminate your enemies quickly with the incrased accuracy.


  • Increase your accuracy
  • Easier then having multiple barrels at different bore sizes
  • Size up your paint with Insert system
  • Comes with 3 inserts: 0.691, 0.689, 0.687
  • 2 Piece Barrel System
  • Includes padded hard barrel case

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