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GOG Paintball Freak Boremaster Stainless Insert Kit

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The GOG Freak Boremaster Insert Kit comes with all stainless steel inserts that are available in one complete kit. Use the insert kit to make sure you are getting the best fit of paint in your barrel to get maximum accuracy. Think of it this way, you wouldn't want to wear shoes that are too small or too large would you?? The Stainless steel inserts will give you a great chance for accuracy and lasting appeal, stainless steel can be polish for a smoother bore finish then aluminum which gives you better accuracy! Pick this up to make sure you have everything you need with your Deadly Wind or Freak Barrel to get the accuracy you want! 


  • Complete Freak Stainless Steel Insert kit
  • Includes 8 Inserts & Padded Hard Case
  • Stainless Steel base gives you a better polish finish that gives you more accurate shots
  • Stainless Steel will help keep the life of your inserts better then aluminum
  • Slightly heavier but you won't notice the difference from aluminum 
  • Sizes: 0.679, 0.682, 0.684, 0.687, 0.689, 0.691, 0.693, 0.695
  • Compatible with Deadly Wind or Freak Barrels
  • Maximize your accuracy
  • Bore Size your Paint before you play

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