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Exalt Universal Feedgate V3 - Grey

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The Exalt Feedgates helps re-revolutionize the Speed Feed systems that players were using in the past. The Exalt feedgate allows for faster feeding but prevents paint spill during runs or dives. Nothing is worse then reloading, running and then finding out all your precious paint has just spilled out! The Exalt Feedgate wil help solve all those problems with the easy to use and install style of this accessory. Pick this up today and worry free when your loading quickly!

New Exalt Universal Feedgate version helps improve the durability, lower profile and improves the fit with the Tippmann Low Profile Loaders!


  • Feed faster and loose less paintballs
  • Non-Fatigue polymer material will not sag over time
  • Easy installation
  • Strongest Clamp to hold on to the loader
  • Fits on to: Halo, Magna, Pinokio, Pulse, Fasta, Revolution & A5/X7 Loaders

V3 Feedgate Features:

  • Increased durability increase the life time of the product with new plastic materials
  • Low profile lip to reduce target area making you harder to hit!
  • Improved fit makes it easier to attach on the Tippmann Low Profile Loaders

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