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Exalt Team Microfiber - Red

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The Exalt Microfiber cloth is an excellent cleaning tool to keep on you during game days and also at home. The microfiber cloth features dual sided cleaning surfaces; smooth graphic side gives you a great polishing surface while the gray and fluffy side helps absorb or brush off paint fill and shells. The cloth works great as a tech mat as well as it's a soft surface that will prevent scratches if you are working on a hard surface. Pick this up and get a vibrant cleaning cloth that will keep your mask or gun clean/clear after each round!


  • Team size at 29" x 17.5" gives a great surface area and plenty of clean surface for multiple uses
  • 2 Carabiners can hold up the microfiber for easy access so it can easily clean your mask inbetween games quickly
  • Smooth graphic side gives a great area for polishing on your lens or gun
  • Gray fluffy side absorbs paint fill and easily removes paint shells off your lens
  • Vibrant sublimated graphics with an interesting hidden image that won't fade in the sunlight

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