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Exalt Tank Cover - Red/Black

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Exalt Paintball made the Tank Grip with their non-slip and non-staining material and it is extremely popular! The Tank Grip while being light and small still gives players a few worries on the rest of the tank, as it is open for damage from trees or rocks. Exalt has developed the Exalt Tank Cover for the players that are extremely worried about their tank as it covers almost 3/4 of the tank's surface in the same material from on the Tank Grip! The area that is left exposed is to allow visibility on your tank TC/DOT/Hydro information that some fields require to be easily visible for inspection and also it makes the tank look great. Pick up the Exalt Tank Cover to help protect your tank from the dangers on the field to help protect that investment!


  • Exalt Tank Cover is made from a non slip non staining surface keeps the tank in place and looking fresh
  • 3/4 tank covered with a low profile layer of protection to give it the sleep appearance while still being able to take a few bumps
  • Allows the tank information to be exposed for easy inspection by fields or fill station operators
  • Stretch Fit tank cover holds on to the tank for dear life so it won't slip off during a slide
  • Small Size Fits: 45cui & 50cui
  • Medium Size Fits: 68cui, 70cui & 72cui

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