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Exalt TRX Cleats

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The Exalt TRX Cleats were designed by paintballers for paintballers. With all the other players using cleats designed for a different sport you won't find a specific paintball ones at any sporting goods store but only others like: football, soccer, rugby or track. While these cleats are great for their designed sport, you won't get their 100% potential since you are using a specific cleat for paintball. The TRX Cleats are designed for paintballs are they're light weight, durable, flexible and offer plenty of traction for any terrain. The Cleats offer much padding on the exterior to prevent the chances of a run away paintball from breaking on your cleats, you may know it's not a hit but it doesn't stop a ref from pulling you off the field. Features 10 Cleat joints at each side, allowing 20 mounts to be position. The Exalt TRX Cleats comes with 20 of each Mud Terrain Spikes and Turf Grip, also includes a cleat point removal tool. Feel comfortable, light and stuck to the ground with these cleats as anytime you can get an edge over your opponents, you don't want to miss it.


  • Exalt Specific cleats were built for paintball only, stop using other sports cleats for your game days
  • Flexible and light cleats will help you keep light on your feet also flex with your feet
  • Extra thick padding featured around the exterior of the shoe creates a more bounceable area instead of the embrassing feet shots
  • Customizable spike selection, cleats come with sets of 20 each of the Golf Turf and Mud Spikes to allow you to use this in any terrain possible
  • Comfortable Cleats able to wear all day
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