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Exalt Prophecy Feedgate - Black

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The Exalt Prophecy Feedgate will help you speed up your game by cutting out the precious few seconds at time of loading your loader. The Exalt Feedgate is an easy upgrade for your loader which takes 1-2mins to install which makes things simple and quickly gets you in the game instead of spending a night with installation. The fingers of the feedgate are both flexible and firm, this makes it one of the easiest speed feeds to load paint while being firm enough to prevent any major spilling. The feed gate operates on a compression fit system instead of the stock magnetic lid, this fit is secure enough not to pop off and spill your paint but also eliminates chances of loosing a magnet that can ruin your feed gate. The unique part about the Exalt Prophecy Feedgate is that if you simple need to empty your hopper or want to load paint prior to a game, you can easily lift it and close it like a regular lid, making this a 100% win scenario. Pick it up today to get one of the best quality feed gates for the Prophecy and get uninterupted fire rates while loading. 


  • Save precious loading time by simply pouring your pod into the feedgate instead of needing to lift the lid up
  • Easy installation as direct stock replacement
  • Unique feedgate as it can be lifted off like a lid if you need to empty out the loader or top up before or after the game
  • Rubber fingers flexible enough to easily flow paintballs in while firm enough to prevent paintballs from spilling out
  • Compression fit lid instead of magnets will save money as magnets can be easily lost
  • Compatible with both Original Prophecy and Z2 Prophecy loaders

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