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Exalt Barrel Maid - Solid Pink

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Let's face it, no matter how well your marker shoots you gun can sometimes break some paintballs inside the barrel. The Exalt Barrel Maid will help clean the barrel to a mirror finish easily. The Exalt Barrel Maid has a fluffy "Barrel Buffer" swab side that absorbs and pushes out the paintballs easily which is also does not fray and easy to clean. The other side of the Barrel Maid is called the "rocket disk" which lets players finally push that side in and when pulled it extends out to pull out all the paint shell/fill out of your barrel easily and quickly. The Exalt Barrel Maid is built on a molded shaft, not a twig that can easily break during rough play but durable plastic that is tough and flexible. Pick up the Exalt Barrel Maid and fold it up easily in your swab pocket so it's ready to use as soon as you need it!


  • Exalt Barrel Maid helps keep your barrel clean with this easy to use swab
  • Barrel Buffer helps absorbs and pushes out the paint while being easy to clean also does not unwravel after hundreds of uses
  • All weather "rocket disk" seal will pull out the paintball fill/shells in the barrel when you pull on the swab and not when you push it in
  • Molded shaft replaces the typical "twig" body which makes the swab both tough and flexible
  • Foldable style that easily compacts into your swab pocket
  • Tough and durable flex mid piece holds the swab together so you don't have to worry about it coming apart during a use!

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