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Exalt Axe/Mini Grip Skins

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The Exalt Paintball Grip Skins for the Empire Axe and Mini adds necessary grip to the foregrip giving better accuracy in all weather conditions! Using a non-staining adhesive backing holds on to the foregrip will keep the grip skin where they need to be without damaging the surface of your gun! Rubber grip material makes the gun feel soft to touch but sticks to your hands and gloves, the added friction allows a better stable hold on your gun while you shoot resulting in better accuracy for more kills per game! Pick this up and get better grip on to your Empire Axe or Empire Mini!


  • Add grip to the foregrip so the gun stays in your hands and not on the ground
  • Better grip on a gun means better accuracy that will increase your kill count per game
  • Non-Staining grip panels keeps the skins where they need to be on the gun without damaging your paintball marker
  • Rubber surface provides grip in all weather play; water, mud and even paintball fill

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