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Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun - Tuxedo Black

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Empire Vanquish makes the mark on the paintball world, by providing a high quality paintball speedball gun that runs at ultra low pressures with a spool valve bolt system. The spool valve bolt system is a proven design that brings a soft, quiet and accurate shot. It is soft on brittle paintballs, which allows for smooth and accurate shooting with any grade of paintballs. The Empire Vanquish uses a spring assisted spool valve bolt, the spring allows players to get a decrease in their dwell timing in the solenoid also eliminating first shot drop off which causes paintballs getting jammed in the barrel. Bolt removal and maintenance is tool-less, just push the back cap to the side and the bolt comes out easily and simple. The marker runs roughly at 175-200psi allowing for consistent and smooth rates of fire while getting you at least 9 pods (1200 shots) out of a 72cui 4500 fill. The electronics on the gun are one of the high points, as it features an advanced electronic that runs the prime spots on the gun. The OLED screen is a high contrast screen showing you sharp detail (3000:1) in a small display, where you can easily see what the status of your gun is. Showing the battery life, eye mode, firing mode, lube monitor, ready to fire and pressure, and it can also be read out! The board also has a USB read out, this will give players the ability to update their boards from their home computers instead of having to send the gun in to the manufacturer for updating. The Empire Vanquish is a comfortable and ergonomically correct gun, which will help you reach higher rates of fire and feel more comfortable in your hands when you holster the gun at any point of the game. The Empire Vanquish is an amazing gun and will be the new contender for the 2013-year to help you dominate the paintball field!


  • Empire's new Speedball Gun Vanquish for the 2013 year
  • Ergonomically designed that allows you to reach higher rates of fire and feel more comfortable in your hands while you run around the paintball field
  • Dual roller bearing trigger allows for a smooth trigger pull every time you pull it with magnetic return, giving it a crisp feel which gives you the ability to shoot faster 
  • Spool Valve bolt paintball gun gives you a smoother and softer shot while still getting the accuracy you are looking for with any grade of paintball out there
  • Spring assisted bolt eliminates the chances of first shot drop off and also increases air efficiency so less trips to the air station and also less time spent cleaning your barrel from breaks
  • Tool-less bolt removal makes maintaining the bolt fast and easy
  • Hinge body design allows the marker to be easily taken apart with just a simple screw
  • One allen key size takes the body apart, no more guessing which allen keys you need to take apart your gun
  • OLED Screen Display is bright and allows players to easily read what is going on in their gun such as rate of fire, firing mode, battery life, lube monitor, and RF enabled
  • RF compatible board allows for seamless sync with your gun and loader allowing for a perfect union between the two to achieve ultimate performance
  • Gaugeless gun as a pressure read out on the OLED screen allows for more precise tuning and gives the gun a more seamless design

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