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Empire Ultra Evil Paintballs - 500 Bag

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If you ever been to a Top End Tournament in the US you noticed that the Evil you shoot at events is different from the ones you can purchase in the store. The Evil that the professional teams use is even at a higher grade of paintballs that no other brand has reached. The Ultra Evil comes in a pear style of shell that isn't a solid colour but has deep colour appearance. The shell has been designed for an easy break on targest each shot that almost gurantees to break on your opponents instead of bounces. You will rarely see a dimple on the paintballs as each is perfectly round, when shot out of your marker you will get an extremely accurate shot, put the paintballs where you want it and acheive victory. The Fill is beyond belief thick, extremely hard to wipe off and prevents people trying to cheat their way out of a loss. Designed specifically to be used on Higher end guns that operate at an extremely low pressure rating.


  • Super Bright and Super Thick Fill
  • Pearl coloured shell for a metallic appearance
  • This paint can only be used with Low Pressure Markers 
  • Easy to see your shots
  • Hard to wipe to prevent cheaters saying they are "clean" or it "bounced"
  • Tournament / Professional Grade of Paintballs
  • 500 count bag


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