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Empire Ultra 72cui 4500psi - Carbon Fibre Tank

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The Empire Ultra Air Carbon Fibre Tank system with Reactor 2 regulator gives players a compressed air system that will help increase their accuracy instantly while having a great look! The Empire Carbon Fibre tank features a high definition bottle graphics that is sealed in with a gel clear coat. The Reaction 2 regulator has been a proven regulator that has been featured on tanks for years and still gives an amazing consistent performance that allows guns to get better accurate shots. The Regulator is built with a nickel-plated brass bonnet that offers maximum durability, 2 burst disks for safety and easy to ready output gauge so you can find out how much air you have left in your tank before you have to refill it. The Reactor 2 regulator is also fully serviceable by anyone, as it does not need to be sent in for servicing which will save you money in the long run but always suggested to learn from a professional before attempting to maintain it yourself! Pick up one of these ultra light weight carbon fibre tanks today to get the performance you are looking for and a unique high definition graphic tank!


  • Reactor 2 Regulator gives players a consistent output flow that makes the paintball gun shoot more accurate to help increase the headshot kill count
  • High definition graphics gives your tank a unique and gorgeous appearance that is protected by a clear gel coat
  • Dual burst discs on the regulator acts as a safety device to protect yourself and your paintball gun
  • Serviceable regulator can be done by yourself or technician easily (recommend being taught by a professional before attempting)
  • 5 year hydro cycle allows the tank have a long life being needing to be retested for safety
  • Nickel-plated brass bonnet gives players a durable tank threads for lasting use


  • Tank Size: 72cui
  • Pressure: 4500 psi
  • Estimated Shots: 1000-1200* (Varies between gun to gun, estimated)
  • Regulator: Empire Reactor 2

**Note: All tanks are shipped empty due to shipping restrictions and safety

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