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Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit - Autococker

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The Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit gives your gun an increase of accuracy and a variety of customizability. All barrels can be accurate to a point but it come down to the size of paintballs you are using and can vary from each batch you get, this leads to inaccurate shots when you can't do anything about it. The Empire Super Freak Kit gives you the accuracy you want but with the 5 different sized barrel inserts will fit generally all grades and brands of paintballs. With using a good barrel to paintball size fit, you will find that your marker will have an increase of accuracy but also an increase of air efficiency (more shots per tank fill). The 2 different 14" barrel tips & 17" Apex2 lets you customize how you want the barrel to function and look, the 3 different style consists: Aluminum (strength), Carbon Fiber (light weight) & Apex2 Tip. The Aluminum tip will give the barrel it's strength, carbon fiber will give you adequate strength but amazing light weight and Apex2 tip if you want to bend your shots around the corner.  The barrel system comes in a neat compact kit to keep things organized within your gear bag and keep your barrel kit safe! Pick this up if you want the ultimate form of accuracy for your paintball gun while able to customize how it looks and shoots!


  • Customizable barrel Kit gives you a way to achieve maximum accuracy
  • 5 Different Barrel size inserts: 0.675, 0.680, 0.685, 0.690 & 0.695
  • 14" Carbon Fiber tip gives you an ultra lightweight barrel set up that also gives you an ultra quiet shot
  • 14" Aluminum Barrel Tip gives you accurate shooting with reduce drag 
  • Travel organized bag allows you to keep the barrel kit organized and protected while in your bag
  • Increase air efficiency with a good barrel bore to paintball match
  • Autococker Threaded barrel Fits: Empire Axe, DP G4, Planet Eclipse Guns, MacDev Guns, Dye Guns, Proto Guns & Bob Long Guns


  • Empire Barrel Case x 1
  • Empire Autococker Barrel Back x 1
  • 5 Different Insers: 0.675, 0.680, 0.685, 0.690 & 0.695
  • 14" Carbon Fiber Tip x 1
  • 14" Aluminum Tip x 1

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Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit - Autococker Reviews
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