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Empire Scion Loader - Black

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Empire Paintball releases their new loader for the 2013 year and it's called the Scion! The Empire Scion Loader is an affordable loader that will force feed paintballs into your gun that will help increase the rate of fire of your gun and consistent load paintballs for a steady stream of punishment. The Scion features internals of the Z2 and a body of a Halo too, this lead to better battery life, prevents inconsistent feed rates and auto anti jam clearance. The loader features a tool-less battery door, which makes accessing the loader's batteries fast and easy if you are in-between games and your loader has died. The included rip drive system on the Empire Scion is for manual feeding or anti jam if the loader itself has run into trouble or your loader has died in a game. The loader has 6 adjustable speed settings, which helps your loader to be perfectly in sync with your gun, this leads to the increase rate of fire and better battery efficiency! Pick up the Empire Scion to get the high rates of fire you need and shoot that consistent stream of paintballs at your target which will lead to more game wins!


  • New 2013 Empire Loader Scion will help increase the rate of fire in your paintball gun
  • Z2 Prophecy internals gives fast and consistent feed rates so you can keep putting the punishment on your opponents
  • Auto anti jam clearance will automatically reverse the paddles to clear any jams
  • 6 Speed Adjustability will help you sync your gun and loader together for consistent feeding and battery efficiency
  • Tool Less battery door makes changing out batteries easy and fast in-between games (Loader uses 6 AA Batteries not included)
  • Halo Rip Drive manually advances or reverse the paddle if you have a tough jam to clear or battery has died during a game
  • Compatible with Halo Quick Feed or other shells colours
  • Black Shell Colour keeps the amount of paintballs you have left hidden away from your opponents who can see it!

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