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Empire Resurrection Autococker Paintball Gun - Dust Black

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The Autococker is reborn with the Empire Resurrection paintball gun. The Resurrection has new updated styling but retains it's legendary accuracy that will show you that something old school can still be the best. The bolt cycle system is a super smooth system that helps reduce the amount of kick every time that helps add to the accuracy of the gun. The bolt system is a closed bolt system that makes the ball sits forward on the bolt when it's ready to fire. When the trigger is pulled a burst of air hits the face of the ball that launches it and pushes the bolt back loading it's next paintball. Using this unique system of a bolt cycle by just having the paintball only having the air pressure pushing the ball instead of the added force from the bolt like in most other guns this helps the paintball retain it's shape that gives it the legendary accuracy. Pick up the Resurrection to find out what the old school players are talking about when they reminisce about the "Good Ol Days" of paintball. 


  • New school styling with old school technology
  • Achieve higher rates of accuracy with the closed bolt technology
  • Each paintball only feels the force of one force with air pressure instead of added force from the bolt during a bolt cycle
  • Adjustable HPR & LPR for a customize feel of the gun every time it gets shot
  • Slide Trigger frame gives players a smooth trigger pull that helps you get the high rates of fire
  • Rubber detents prevent the paintballs from rolling out the barrel
  • Quick strip delrin bolt gives users an easy way to clean and maintain their guns
  • 45 grip frames makes the gun comfortable to hold in your hands
  • On/Off Bleed ASA makes it safe to remove or attach the tank on your tank


  • Empire Resurrection Paintball Gun
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare Parts 
  • 6 Pc Sniper Barrel Kit: Tip + 5 sized inserts (0.675, 0.680, 0.685, 0.690, 0.695)

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