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Empire Relay On/Off ASA Regulator - Dust Black

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 The Empire Relay On/Off ASA Regulator is a must have item for the Invert Mini or the BT TM Series Markers. Never need to struggle to take your tank off your marker again by using this easy to use flip switch with bleed. Easy to use and direct replacement that also comes with TM Series adapter to fit on BT TM Markers.


  • Easy to use and install as a direct replacement on the Invert Mini Markers
  • Comes with an Adapter for BT TM Series Markers
  • Flip Switch for on/off that bleeds the air allowing for an easy to remove the tank
  • Able to use with Remote lines as well 
  • HPA N2 Air Tanks use only, no CO2
Empire Relay On/Off ASA Regulator - Dust Black Reviews

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