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Empire Quick Load Lid

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The Empire Quick Feed was immensely popular on the Empire Prophecy they decided to make one for the Invert Halo Too, Empire Reloaders and Halo V35. The Empire Quick Load Lid easily loads in paintballs in it's rubber silicone fingers while preventing paintballs from spilling out during runs or dives. The Quick Load Lid also is unique as it functions as a lid as well as a speed feed as it easily lifts up if you need to load or unload paintballs before a game, this helps shave time if you are doing the gun inbetween legs while pushing paintballs through the finger situation. Pick up the Empire Quick Load Lid for a easy and quick solution to load paintballs in many different Empire/Invert loaders!


  • Easily load paintballs during a game to keep your gun up on target without needing to flip open a lid
  • Rubber silicone fingers easily lets the paintballs flow into the loader while preventing them from escaping during a dive or run
  • Doubles as a lid as quick load flips open to be loaded or unloaded inbetween games making this a versatile loading system for the loader
  • Fits on Empire Reloader, Halo V35 and Invert/Empire Halo Too loaders

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