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Empire Prophecy LTD Upgrade Kit

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The Empire Prophecy Loader is one of the most advance loading systems ever to be created in the paintball market. Utlizing the sound activation and RF capabilities also the Magna Clutch system the Prophecy creates a fast loading system that still keeps it's light weight. Drop in the Empire Prophecy LTD Upgrade Kit to make it even more advance. The Upgrade Kit consist of a new bottom and backplate board that are link via a ribbon cable, these two components will increae the loading capacity and also lets any user to fine tune the loading settings to customize to each marker. Featuing the VICI software, this loader is capable of Sound, Eye or RF Activation, letting the user choose from each mode to have the marker feed paintballs into their marker. Connect the loader via USB to your computer to update your board or tune the marker from the same software. If you are not near a computer, there is still ways to program your board by using the large easy to see rubberized buttons. Pick this board up to keep the most advance loading system up to date!


  • LTD Upgrade Kit opens up new programming modes and fine tune abilities to customize the style you like to play
  • Sound, Eye or RF Activation letting the user choose how ever they want to activate their board
  • Connect the Board to your computer via USB (included) to keep the board up to date and also program the board more efficiently
  • Programmable still by using a combination of buttons located on the back plate that are large and easy to see!
  • Speeds up the loader and also customize the torque values depending on each grade of paintballs
  • Compatible with both Original Prophecy and Z2 Prophecy hoppers/loaders
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