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Empire Premium Paintballs

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With their bright marking, ultra-consistent shape and nearly invisible seam, Empire Premium paintballs have become the best known in the world. Empire Premium paintballs have earned their outstanding reputation over the last 20 years as the first choice on playing fields around the globe.


  • 2000 Rounds
  • RPS Empire Flagship Tournament Grade Paintballs
  • Bright marking to easily identify your kills from the distant
  • Thick fill makes it hard to wipe hits during games to stop cheaters / wipers.
  • Ultra-consistent shape for extreme accuracy at the price. 
  • Nearly invisible seam allows the paintballs to glide perfectly in the barrel and the air for straight shooting
  • Tournament / Intermediate Grade Paintballs
  • Exclusive Paintball Brand used by TechPB youtube Channel for their Supergun Show and efficiency tests
  • .68 calibre paintballs

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