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Empire Multi Caliber Loader - 100rd

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The Empire 100rd loader is a gravity fed loader that is capable of feeding 0.68, 0.50 and 0.43 caliber paintballs. The capacity is 100 capacity is determine by the maximum amount of 0.68 size round since it is the largest sized one. The loader is capable of feeding different calibres because of the pre-installed adapter which loads .50 & .43 sizes at first but needs to be removed to feed .68! This is a simple and basic size loader but is great for something inbetween the 50rd and 200rd gravity fed loaders and perfect for the pump players that want a bit more in capacity! 


  • 100rd Gravity Fed Loaders for standard feednecks (non Tippmann cyclone)
  • Multi-calbre paintball loader capable of feeding: 0.68, 0.50 and 0.43 calibre paintballs 
  • Removable adapter to feed 0.68 calibre paintballs
  • Spring lid quickly opens the hopper lid for fast reloading

**Loader must be taken apart to remove adapter **

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