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Empire LTD FT Paintball Jersey - Grid

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Empire knows a thing or two about making high performance apparel for players. Empire are close to their top level pros and listen carefully on what they are looking for in a jersey each year to develop products that players want and need to elevate their game. The Empire LTD FT jersey is a perfect blend of high performing gear that helps protect players while being comfortable and lightweight. The elbow, chest, forearm and chest padding protects you from paintball impacts and rough dives so you just feel your muscles being sore at the end of the day instead of the bruising you can get. Thumbhole cuffs keep the jersey in place so you don't have to worry about the jersey sleeves riding up when you take those long slides to your next bunker for that perfect shot. Mesh panels on the sides of the jersey keeps you cool so you don't feel like you're wearing a sauna out on the field and pass out from the heat! The Empire LTD FT jersey is what you need to keep performing like a pro and wearing all the current fashion in paintball.


  • Empire new LTD FT jersey has new performance features and new fashion styling for the new year of paintballing
  • Stop wearing your old sweaters or shirts and pick up something that makes you look like a professional and meant to be used on the field
  • Lightweight jersey keeps you light on your feet that prevents you from feeling weighed down so you can do those quick dashes from bunker to bunker
  • Nylon padded slider forearms protects your arms while you slide to your next bunker so you can take that critical shot without worry
  • Serial numbered each jersey gives you a feeling that your jersey is a one of a kind 
  • Bio-Foam padding on the shoulders and soft spots under the arm helps reduce the paintball impacts when you get hit by paintballs
  • Clarino leather thumbhole loops keep sleeves where they are while you do a slide and also a great area where you clean the lenses from paintball splatter

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