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Empire LTD FT Gloves - Hex

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Nothing hurts more than a paintball shot to the hands, it first a shock to your system and then your hands go numb but eventually the paint start to grow slowly. The worse is if you were holding your gun at the same time and you drop it accidentally! Paintballs are the only thing that will hurt your hands, you can still rough them up from slides and the dense bushes. Get your hands protected and grab a pair while still retaining the freedom at your index and middle finger to keep the rate of fire high!


  • Protect your hands from getting hurt from paintballs, slides, dives and even the dense wooded forest!
  • Padded protection at the back hand and palms to increase the bounce effect
  • Silicone printed palms keeps your hands on the gun so you can dive and slide harder to your next bunker
  • Pre-cut index and middle finger to keep the rate of fire high 

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