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Empire Grind THT Slide Short

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You need to protect those sensitive areas while playing paintball or you're going to feel it from either paintball hits or from the terrain. The Empire Grind THT Slide Short will protect those parts of your body with it's compact padding that provides you the protection while giving you the comfort for extended wear througout the day. The Empire Grind THT Slide Short has built in knee padding loops to be used with the other Empire protective gear so they are securely in place and always there where you need it. The moisture wicking materials keeps your body cool and dry to give you that comfortable feeling that all the heat there isn't going to make you sweaty and gross. Pick this up to get the protection you need also giving you that added confidence that you can run, dive and make those critical moves on the field without an increase chance of getting injured. 


  • Protect those sensitive areas while playing paintball so you can go home the same condition as your arrived on the field
  • Compact padding that gives you the protection you need while keeping you mobile
  • Moisture wicking material keeps your dry and cool on the field so you don't feel that gross and wet feeling
  • Empire pad loops to work with other empire protection to help keep pads in place so you know it'll be there when you need them

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