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Empire Grind THT Chest Protector

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Paintball guns are getting a higher rate of fire and that can mean a punishing finish to some games. Don't get caught in that situation but if all else fails make sure you have a Empire Grind TW Chest Protector to get all the protection you can have on you. These Chest Protectors are great for the lightweight appeal, moisture wicking cloth that keeps you cool and honey comb padding that gives you maximum amount of protection you need on the field. Wearing these chest protectors you will get the protection you are lookign for but slim enough to fit a paintball jersey over it without worry. The main new feature of these chest protectors is the now loops on the  sleeves which hooks on the new Empire Grind THT Elbow pads that helps keep pads in place, this feature is truely unique and never been done in the industry. Pick up the Empire Grind TW Chest Protector to get the protection you are looking for and go out on the field feeling that you can do anything.


  • Padded undershirt for paintball that gives you maximum protection and extremely lightweight
  • Strategically cut padding that keeps mobility high so your movement isn't restricted while you use the pads
  • Moisture wicking material keeps your body cool so you don't feel like a walking sauna
  • Perfect item for new or hardcore players, everyone needs protection and this is the best place to start

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