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Empire E-Flex Goggle - White

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The Empire E-Flex mask is a combination of JT Proflex and Empire Event design into one of the best masks out on the market. JT masks have been known to be comfortable, soft and light while Empire Event masks have been known to have the easy to change lens system with a wide range of vision. Combining both characters of the two masks is now the new Empire E-Flex which is light, soft and durable while having a quick easy lens change system to make changes fast and easy. The E-Flex lens still keep with standards of thermal pane design to help prevent 80-90% of all fog issues with zero optical distortion for perfect vision. Adjustable silicone mask strap keeps the mask tight to your face without being uncomfortable but with the silicone beads offer enough friction so the mask doesn't slip off your head. Soft E-Flex thermal ear pieces keep the mask light, hearing clear and offers the right amount of protection that doesn't make it feel bulky. Order your Empire E-Flex mask today and get one of the newest masks to hit on the market that which will make you play efficiently, effectively and comfortably.


  • Empire E-Flex mask one of the newest line of masks to be released 
  • Thermal lens with zero optical distortion giving perfect clear vision throughout the day
  • Light weight design keeps you not feeling weighed down
  • Soft ear pieces gives clear hearing, light weight and offers the right amount of protection
  • Flexible face guard increases bounce chances and interchangeable for custom colour modifications with previous JT mask bottoms
  • Comfortable soft and durable foam
  • Empire lens change system for quick and easy replacement or switching 
  • Adjustable silicone mask strap keeps the masks securely on your head without the worry of it slipping off
  • Ultra soft and durable lens frame foam keeps the mask comfortable
  • Clear lens included
  • Chin Strap included that prevents the mask from slipping off if you take a bad dive but can be easily detached

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