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Empire Bottle Glove TW - Olive

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The Empire Bottle Glove fits your carbon fibre tank tightly and securely while giving one of the best forms of protection while not adding weight to your tank. Carbon fibre tanks hold high amount of pressure but if the tank itself is damaged and would be beneficial if there is some form of protection. The Empire bottle glove has a combination of neoprene and elastic to give a great layer of protection against the rough terrain and giving a tight fit so you don't have problem of loose fitting covers. The added silicone print on the bottle gives you the added traction on the tank that prevents any slips while you have it holstered to your shoulder. Pick this up for your Co2, Aluminum HPA or Carbon Fibre tank and feel safe to know your tank is protected!


  • Protection for your Air or Co2 Tank
  • Neoprene and Elastic material gives an excellent layer of protection and a tight fit to your tank
  • Silicone print for added traction to your tank to prevent slips when you have holstered the marker
  • Light weight protection for your tank
  • Zipper and stretch velcro enclosure
  • Available sizes: 48cui, 68cui/70cui & 45cui/56cui

 **Note: Tanks not included

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