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Empire Basic 13 3000 HPA Tank

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The Empire Basic13cui 3000psi Tank is a small style HPA tank that players who play Limited Ammo or Pump style will often use because of the lightweight appeal. The regulators are a preset regulator that outputs 850psi on an output pressure. The regulator bonnet is ASA threaded and should fit in all matter of markers without any problems. Pick up the Empire Basic 13cui 3000psi tank today for your limited ammo or pump marker! 


  • Generic Brand Regulator
  • 13cui size HPA tank for lightweight and size appeal
  • Preset Regulator output 850psi
  • Aluminum construction tank
  • DOT & TC Certified
  • Increase accuracy with HPA instead of Co2
  • 5000psi Gauge shows pressure left in tank


  • Regulator Construction: Brass
  • Tank Construction: Aluminum
  • Stock Output Pressure: 850psi
  • Certifications: DOT & TC
  • Hydro Lifetime: 5 years from manufacture date stamp
  • Bonnet Threads: ASA Universal Paintball 

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