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Empire Barrel Swab Kit

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The Empire Barrel Swab Kit is an necessary item to have with you on the field. With the swabs you can easily clean out your paintball gun and barrel if a break occurs, without cleaning the barrel and shooting you will experience an increase amount of breakage of paintballs and inaccuracy. The swab kit comes with two swabs; one foldable and one straight. The foldable one is useful to have with you on the field as it folds easily and neatly in your pocket and springs straight when you need to clean out your barrel. Pick these up and get cleaning your barrels and marker in a flash during a game to keep your accuracy consistent!


  • Necessary item to bring with you on the field or you'll be face with some unhappy games
  • Clean out your gun or barrel if paintballs decide to break in there
  • Kit consists of two swabs; Straight and foldable
  • Fluffy materials absorbs the paint for a clean finish to help keep your gun shooting accurately

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