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Empire BT Vest THT Merc - Terrapat 2

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The Empire BT Merc vest is a molle vest that features webbing at the front and the rear, this means this vest is fully customizable on where the molle pouches can be place and getting the pouches they want. Need your pod at the front of the vest and not at the rear? Not a problem with this vest as just simply put them in the front and back weaves it into the webbing. The vest is also very light weight as most of the weight comes with the actual weave itself and only the pouches you want on there as the main body is breatheable mesh that helps keep you cool. The built in hydration sleeve can hold easily a bladder for those long hot games where you can't afford to step off the field for a drink. Zipper pockets hold valuable items like maps, intel and ID close at hand. D-Rings at the stop of the shoulders help you hold grenades so you can easily access them. The BT Merc Vest is the ultimate scenario vest for experienced players who know exactly what they want and where their pouches are going to go!


  • Full molle skeleton webbing vest for the ultimate base for customization with molle pouches
  • Breatheable mesh main body keeps you cool during the long hot days of paintball
  • Zippered pockets hold you maps, intel or IDs close by and easily accessible
  • Belt loops for players with duty belts can keep the vest tight to your body
  • Built in hydration sleeve can hold a water bladder so you don't have to step off the field for a drink
  • D-Rings at the shoulders can hang grenades for easy access
  • Molle vest base for molle pouches to be placed anywhere a player wants them to be 
  • Velcro loop areas to place patches or name tags 

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